[Data Grid Web] Issue with the column selection when loading selected columns
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I have a requeirement to allow the user to hide certain columns of a grid and save that selection in a view that he can then select from a list of views.

my issue is when changing the view the column selector seems to become duplicated causing issues.

do you have this pattern already created somewhere that I can look at to see how its done.. 

whe are using this JS to get the job done 

var base64string = document.getElementById('"+EncodeJavaScript(HiddenInputboxId)+"').value;
var jsonData = GridOS.ComponentUtils.convertJson(base64string);
GridOS.GridColumnFeature.setColumnState('"+EncodeJavaScript(GridWidgetId)+"', jsonData);

The problem is, if we do the setColumnState, the selection will occur just perfect ( it will show and Hide what is suppose to) but the popup to select the columns ( top left corner) won't get updated.

Id we do loadFeatures the popup to select the column gets updated but it seems to have multiple instances. you can open it and it looks just fine but if you click outside to close it the old one will apear and you need to select it to be able to close it.. 

the more times you do this operation the more instances of the selector will appear.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Carlos Rocha

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