Application name is hidden in desktop mode

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I noticed that most of the default layouts hide the "application name" and "menu icon" when the web browser is maximized, with the app being recognized as "desktop" mode. When the browser width is shrunk, it falls back to 'tablet' mode, from when I can see the "application name" shown.

Some debugging suggests that, through CSS rules, the "application name" and "menu icon"  are intentionally hidden for "desktop" scenarios.

What is the rationale behind this? How can I influence the css rule to not do this? (I want the application name displayed at all times)

Separately, what influences the logic behind deciding what are desktop mode vs tablet mode? It seems to depend on the screen size. How can I manually intervene this logic?

thanks in advance.

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Hi Changsi,

You can add the below Css in the theme of your application to make application title visible for desktop mode:

.desktop .header-content > [data-block*="ApplicationLogo"] .application-name
    display: inline-flex;

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla

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