Is it possible to have a popup showing records that are being synced?
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Good day-

I just had a manager ask if the following was possible.

He would like to have the user see the records that are being synced as are they being synced.

He would like each record to show on its own line and disappear when the record is successfully sent to the server.  

So like a list box that would refresh as each record is sent?

If it is possible could you send some suggestions my way

Thank you

Hi Andrew,

What kind of records and synchronization are these?

I suppose your Record entity has a Status field (foreign key to a static entity), and the static entity may have records like "NotProcessed, InProgress, Processed".

When you start syncing the records, you can change their Status to "InProgress", and for the List widget, you would only query the records with the Status "InProgress". 

It surely depends on where this sync is happening; if it happens one by one (in a foreach) when user presses a button, then after each sync, you can set the Status field to "Processed" and refresh the data action/aggregate that feeds the List. Since the List displays only InProgress records, the processed record would disappear from the List.

If the sync is happening in a Timer or BPT and you want to display the progress, I imagine 2 ways:

1. "Pushing a notification" to frontend from the server where sync happens about the Status change. This would require the utilization of a service such as Firebase.

2. A piece of JavaScript code that would refresh and fetch the List every X seconds. However, this is mostly not suggested as it would unnecessarily refresh a part of the screen frequently and use up resources. 



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