Redirecting to my homepage

Redirecting to my homepage

A few days ago I posted about uploading to amazon ec2 and assigning an elastic ip address and getting an IIS7 page. I figured a few things out, but I am still unsure of how to fix this.

It actually appears to have nothing to do with the elastic ip address.

When I visit my amazon page ( I get the same IIS7 page that has nothing to do with my program. I have to visit to get to my page. So I think the elastic ip address is doing as it should, forwarding to the main server page. I guess I need to know how to make my homepage come up without the /appname/home.aspx or how to figure that in. I am trying to make my domain go to my homepage.

The easy way to achieve that will be to use the SEO Friendly URLs feature we've launched with version 5.1.
With it can define a given eSpace as your root application.

You can read more about it here