Is it possible to use regex to filter entity records?
Application Type
Traditional Web, Mobile, Reactive, Service
Service Studio Version
11.11.14 (Build 47936)

I am trying to filter some records in an entity based on whether a text field is comprised of only numbers. With regex and SQL I can do this using something like

FROM table 
WHERE table.column_name 
LIKE '^[0-9]+$';

to find all the records with fields that have text comprised solely of numbers, such as "1234566" but not "blabla 199" or "121 bla" etc.

This doesn't work in outsystems for me (not while using filters while looking at the entities in the data tab, in the SQL tool, or in an aggregate).

If there is something wrong with my code, please let me know. I'm not a SQL expert, but am pretty familiar with Regex.

Hello @Charise Walraven,

I have not been able to get Regex working inside SQL but I could be doing it wrong for all I know.

So while I am not giving you the answer you were seeking, I just wanted to mention that you could use something like this instead if all else fails:

table.column_name not like '%[A-Za-z]%'



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