How can i force exit the app in Outsystems

For one of the mobile applications we have created we need to build a functionality wherein we need to force exit the app . 

We are using "" but this not killing the session in the android task manager which is creating issues .

Can you please suggest how we can do the same ?

Hello Utkarsh,

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I found this answer in below link which is given by Daniel,

its possible like session timeout in Web application 

Create On the Logics tab on Client Actions the server event OnApplicationReady: 

  1. Goto Logic tab
  2. Right click "Client Actions"
  3. Select Add System Events --> On Application Ready
  4. Add a JavaScript flow element between the Start and End
  5. In the javascript flow element enter the following code: 

5000 is a timeout of 5 seconds, adjust it according to your needs

I hope this helps to you.

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Ajit kurane. 

This is a solution(the same Ajit provided on his first answer, you can find on the link below), but try to see if is for your case.

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Hello Ajit ,

Thanks for the reply .

But the problem here is using  does not forces a complete exit . So more or less it goes to sleep mode but session is still in the task manager of Android .

In my application I want to kill / destroy the session in case user choses a force exit .



Hello Utkarsh,

Did you try with "On destroy" event ?


Ajit Kurane.

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