[ReactFilePondUpload] How to get the binary content of uploaded files
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i am using this component.when i am trying to upload multiple file then i am getting all file details except file content.at the time of upload how to get the binary content of uploaded file?

Hello there!!

When using the Auto upload block you need to create action at the moment or when the image was uploaded.

After that, you need to use the FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFiles to get the Uploaded Files. 

With that action, you can get the binary content using the tokens as input parameter

You can have a look here:


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with help of Autoupload block whatever file i have uploaded that list are not showing.

Do you want something like this? - Check the gif I shared

The Auto upload block to upload to a list all the files uploaded?

And please try this link to see if is that what you want


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i want like below.whatever file i am uploading that should be display below

Hi Arkyadeep,

If you follow Marcio's instructions you can receive the binary content.

It would be worth looking at the demo, there are full examples of multiple different scenarios implemented.

The documentation also explains in detail how to use the component: ReactFilePondUpload - Documentation | OutSystems

Happy coding!


What Arkyadeep Bharadwaj

is having difficulties is using the block UploadBlock.

I had some difficulties, but with the documentation is possible, and thank you for that who did that ;)

So, I try, and the way  I am going to say is as is written in the documentation.

To use that block you are going to need a button to submit the data, and on the configurations you have to put the id of that button.

When clicking, it's going to execute an action that will get the token using the id of the button that was used on the submit.

Now that you have the tokens is time to get the files.

Let me know Stuart Harris if I did something wrong

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Hi Stuart

i am following the documentation.i have one screen.in that screen i have one web block and in that webblock i am using your uploadwebblock.i am using same configuration.configuration is given below:

against button click event

but when i am trying to upload files from UI then i am getting below error

but sample application is working.i am attaching the OMl.am i missing anything?

Can you share the OML?

Are you giving exactly the id of the button on submit?

EDIT: You didn't shared the OML

I have investicated your componenet.sobasically we are using oracle database.in your component when i am trying to upload the file i am getting error in below section


when i am trying to run the SQL chunk query it is throwing error.

Hi Arkyadeep,

Thank you for identifying the error.

Yes, it appears the Advanced SQL I used to store file chunks will only work on SQL Server.

I will work on a fix.  However, that could be a few weeks away.

In the meantime, please use version 1.1.1 of ReactFilePondUpload which should work on Oracle.

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Hi again Arkyadeep,

I have published a new version 1.2.8 as under development.  It is difficult for me to test on an Oracle database.  I have tested the queries on Oracle, just not the whole component.

Would you be interested and available to try version 1.2.8 in your environment with an Oracle database?

Kind regards,


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