Changing the view of the table
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11.10.13 (Build 39571)

Hello together, 

I am currently working on a project and have imported excel data. Now I want to change the view of my data, i.e. I don't want the view from top to bottom (relational database) but a view from left to right, so that my table headings are on the far left and are displayed below each other in the first cells of the row. At the moment, the table headings are normally (as with every import) in the first columns. Is there a way to change this as I have not seen a view that fits my idea.

P.s.: My Table in excel looks like the picture I attached.

Thank you in advance.


can we get sample OML ?


Ajit kurane.

Till now I have no sample OML. I just imported the excel and tried some things out. I'm actually new on this platform, so I'm trying to explore a little bit. 

Hi Nader,

Use CSS available in this link to achieve your requirement.

Good Luck!!

Thanks, Aadhavan S

I will give it a try. Thanks a lot. :)

I cannot find the section to change the table's CSS. Where can I change it after the import? Thank you in andvance.

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