Search and Add button on click

 Hi @all,As I am new in outsystem please guide me.

I am having Screen TableAdds,

I want student records in table1 according to there rollnumber.

And If I select the checkbox and click on add button selectd data must be display in table2

But I dont want to save that records only display it with the help of local variable for temporary stroage.

See the .oml

Please send modified .oml



Hi Rohan,

So, you first need to filter the list for the ones that are checked (field Isselect), using ListFilter action from System:

Then you want to add all of those records you filtered to Var2, using ListAppendAll from System:

And then just Ajax refresh the second table (called TableRecords1 in your example) for the screen to be refreshed with the new data.

Kind Regards,


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