It is doable on Outsystems ?
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I just have a certain project this is the sample scenario:

I upload a file in my google drive then I want my Outsystems App to be notified of that change (file uploaded on google drive) then execute a certain action (send an email to a certain person). 

I just want to gather some information on how this concept will be developed on Outsystems. FYI I already have an integration using the GoogleDrive_IS and GoogleAuthenticationCore forge component.

I hope you can help me with it, I'll appreciate it a lot.

Thank you!

Hi Ronald,

In this document, I see that it's possible for Google Drive to send push notifications about changes.

You will need to start watching for changes by doing a POST request as in the following example. This will create a notification channel at Google side.

If you use the URL of an API that you will expose in OutSystems for the adress field in the following payload, you will be able to receive the changes there as they happen.

You will need to follow the instructions and set up the configs in the Google API Console first, though.

When you receive the changes to your API, you can send an email about it to the related parties.

Will try this Sir, thank you!

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