Error Message that is not valid

My team release our Privacy and Risk Manager app to prod yesterday and our customer is reporting that when they click on the link below, they are getting this message.  

This message should NOT be occuring in that the link is NOT to a popup and the Method IS set to Navigate.  This is a show stopper so I really need your help fast.

Worse yet.  When I try to create an OML for you by 'export'/'Save As' I get this.  

I was able to get permissions to this in Production and even though we are getting the error message, it is following the link and allowing the end user to complete their work.  So this has gone from Urgent to Annoying.... Thx.

Hello @James Goodman 

The error is related to popup widget and not to the link itself.

The issue is the Id that you have defined is not a button or a link.

you need to add a name to the link and set it "" in the field and the shoul be fine.

If you don't need the popup just remove the widjet and the message disapears.


Gonçalo Almeida

This is not a link to a popup and there is no popup widget.  This is a link to another screen.

Hi James,

This error generally comes with Popup Editor, when the Popup Editor widget didn't find the Id of the link or the link is defined in the if/else condition and not rendered due the condition satisficed.

If possible share the oml please.


Here is the OML.  Please note that this error is only occurring in the production environment.



Hello there James,

Hope you're doing well.

Are you sure this error is only occurring in production environment?

If so, did you compare the code between production environment and the other environments in order to check if there are any differences?

Is this the OML from production environment where the issue is occurring?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


Hello James,

Any news regarding this topic?

Sorry. I didn't get notification of your response.  This is the OML from Dev.  The only code I have access to.  I will see if I can get the administator to get me the OML from prod.  


Thank you for your response.

Please do that so we can compare the code between those 2 environments and check if there are any differences that may explain the different behavior.

According to the code from DEV environment, everything seems to be okay :)

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