How to disable Date picker and mask input field ?
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I’m developing a mobile application, where I want to register dates on different items.

When I focus a date input fields it automatically pop open a Date picker, and I do not have the options to put in the date manually. (See pics. Below)

How do I disable the date picker, and enable a numeric keyboard when focusing the date input fields, and mask it to automatically enters the date separators in the field (e.g. 08/08/2020 )?

The end goal here is to have an input field where I only have to enter 8 ciphers, to complete my task.

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Thomas //

I ended up creating a logic that acted like a input mask. pretty big logic, but it works. 



If you take this input type as Date then it will show a date picker its default functionality.

You can change type as number or text then you will be able to open keypad.

Hope this will help you. 

I did try that, and it do solves the issue with disabling the date picker, but I still get a lot of issues when handling the variable afterwards. 


- If changed to a integer (number) variable, i want be able to place the separators, so only text var. is a possibility.
- Then how do I get the numeric keyboard to show when focus the input-field (if changed to a text variable)
- How do I then mask the field to behave like entering a Date ( dd/mm/yyyy. so i only have to enter the 8 ciphers, and the separator's are typed in automatically)

Basically what I want to achieve is the complete behavior of a date input field but without the date picker... 

Hi Thomas,

That is just example.. You have to change the input type to "Text" and not as "integer". 

OutSystems Identifies the date as text variable..

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Hi Thomas,

this component allows to apply a date mask with the format you want to the input field:


Ty Jose, but the component are only for traditional web and not mobile :( 

Right, sorry.

There's another component for mobile but requires more configuration for a specific format of a date:

I ended up creating a logic that acted like a input mask. pretty big logic, but it works. 

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