Personal Env: delete module versions that are tagged

I am running OS 11 in my personal environment.

In ServiceCenter, I get this message - but - perhaps I need to un-tag so then I can delete the old versions but I can't figure out how to un-tag.

I tried DB Cleaner and DB Cleaner on Steroids but they won't help.
The DB Cleaner DOES show me all of the "374 Module version" - BUT - it will only list them and does not allow me to delete them.

Any clues how I clean up all these old module versions in my personal env that are tagged to an old application version?

Hello Bruce,

I hope you are great mate.

I think you can download the DBCleaner forge. There is module to remove the tagged versions 

and if forge component not help you out then please refer below links which I found on forum.

kind Regards,

Ajit Kurane.

Hi @Ajit Kurane,

Bruce has already mentioned on his post that neither DBCleaner nor DBCleaner On Steroids helped with removing the tagged versions.

As for the links you found, I observed that Bruce had already visited both those links 3 days ago and commented on each of them about his issue. So it is apparent he has done his due diligence before creating a new thread.


- AJ

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