[Case Management framework] [CMf] Enabling Multilingual Support
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I'm trying to follow this documentation https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/Case_Management/Introduction_to_multilingual_Case_Management_framework/Enable_multilingual_Case_Management_framework

but I can't find the static entities the steps are referring to, namely: MultilingualAppConf, MultilingualAppCaseStatus and MultilingualAppCaseAction.

It wasn't mentioned that I should create such entities myself; and I couldn't find them in CMf.

Can anyone help with enabling multilingual support, please? I couldn't find any sample apps.


Hi J A,

First of all thank you for your feedback! We've recently updated that documentation in a effort to make it clearer/easier to follow along.

Can you please go through the steps again and check if you are able to achieve the multilingual support in the CMf this time around?

If you're still not able to complete the steps or achieve the desired outcome please let me know. Also if there is still something that you think could be improved in the documentation feel free to pass that feedback as well. :)

Kind regards,


Hi André,

Thank you for your help.

I appreciate the swift improvement on the documentation.

I think the condition in step 11 is incomplete. I had to change it to the following:

BusinessEntityCaseStatus.Id = TextToIdentifier(SetupData_Input.CaseStatusList.Current.CaseStatusId)

Unfortunately, translations worked only for case actions - not statuses, although I can see that CaseStatus_Lang in
CM_CaseDefinition_CS has been populated with my translations. StatusNameLang is empty (this is an output field in some CMf methods which I think should hold the translated status name).

Best Regards

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