Creating a timer for an entity which shows different text at the arranged time

I want to create a timer for an entity and I also need to make that entity show different text stored in it at the allotted time. Any help is very much appreciated 



Just search on, there are multiple forge components that can help you implement this.



do you recommend any specific one?

Hi Olamide,

I think maybe this is same question as posted earlier this month.  What part are you struggling with ?  If there is anything you don't understand, can you tell us more about what you tried, what is working and what not ?

Also, for our better understanding : what are these texts, how many are there , what is the rule for when they should change, should all users see same text at same time, ...


I have created an entity and I figured out how to make the data in the entity be displayed on a screen but everything is displayed at once but I want a situation where only one text is displayed for a certain period of time then after that time is up the next text on the entity is displayed and so on until all the text in the list has been displayed and then it starts again for the first text and repeats the cycle.

Also, I would ideally want each user to see a different text than another user and as for the amount of text it is unknown because users are able to add more texts to the database so the amount increases over time.

Hi Olamide, I think what you want is a query that show text by time and for user. To do that, I think maybe the best thing is in the text table also have two columns one for start time and another for end time. After that I recommend to use a random to get a line of the query. 

could you provide an example pls 

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