How to add timer to entity

I have an entity which I have displayed on a screen but all the record is displayed at once, I want to be able to display one record every 24 hours, how do I go about it?


Not sure what's the exact requirement for the same; but here's an approach to do so:

  • You have Entity-A with X  records
  • You can add one extra attribute to the entity itself i.e IsDisplay; by default, it should be false
  • Now your timer should fetch the TOP 1 record every time; with a filter IsDisplay: False & Update the IsDisplay attribute value as TRUE for that populated record 
  • On the Screen, you just need to fetch the Records with a filter as IsDisplay: True

Hope it helps;

Ok but how do you fetch data from an entity with a timer and have that data on a screen?

Hi Olamide,

Don't create timers for screen action.

It seems you are trying to create dashboard. Add one more attribute (date time) to your entity, add corresponding dates to the record, then filter the aggregate based on current date in scree preparation. 

Hope above will help to complete your requirement.

Thanks, Aadhavan S

how do I filter it, what condition do I set?

hi @Olamide Ojute ,

Just saw similar post in below link with marked solution. Hope your concern is resolved. 


Happy Learning...!!

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