How should I set the output parameter to return two-dimensional array List?

I want to pass two Input parameters and return two-dimensional array List for Output parameter in Integration Studio.

Index   [0]     [1]  ····

[0] value   value

[1] value   value

· ·····

But I'm not sure how to set the output parameter here as below.(BTW,I have already gotten C# coding for that done.)

How do I set Output parameter (Data type, original Type ,Record definition and so on )?

I'm not familiar with using Integration Studio.

I'd be nice if you could give me how to do it here.


Hi Tsubasa,

As per your problem description, I can understand you need an output parameter in the form of a list (Array) so you can access the element from the out parameter based on its Index.

To do that, 

1) Create one structure by adding the necessary attributes for your scenario.

2) In the Action select Recordlist as your data type, and Record definition should be your created structure (Ex Temp structure).

In this way, your Output parameter will contain necessary elements in form of an array. Hope this Helps!


Saravanan Santhanam.

Hello Tshubasa,

It is very easy to set output parameters in an integration studio as well.

Follow below mentioned steps:

1) Data Type: Indicates type of parameter. Use basic Data type in your case use Integer. It is a mandatory field. Click dropdown you will get some suggestion by OutSystem itself.

2) Original Type: It is an optional field.

3) Default Type: It is used if no value for this parameter is provided in module. It's optional.

4) Record Type: If your parameter data type is a record or record list, you have to select entities/or structure that define the record or record list. It's optional.

5) Description: It's optional. By default it is empty. But you should provide small description of the semantic of this parameter. 

I hope this helps you :)



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