Change Record displayed from an entity as a scheduled time

I am going to explain as detailed as possible because I have asked this question is several different ways and still haven't gotten an answer that works

I have an entity in which records have been stored, I have retrieved the entity on a screen and set the maximum records retrieved to one because I only want one record retrieved for a certain period of time(24hours/daily) and after this period is over I want it to update or retrieve a different record for the same period of time and then this process continues on

I used a list to retrieve the entity but I can also use an expression, whichever fits better for a solution I am willing to use

Pls any help is very appreciated as I have been working on this non-stop for almost two days.

Hi Olamide,

Don't create timers for screen action.

It seems you are trying to create dashboard. Add one more attribute (date time) to your entity, add corresponding dates to the record, then filter the aggregate based on current date in scree preparation. 

Hope above will help to complete your requirement.

Thanks, Aadhavan S

yes thank you

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