[ReactFilePondUpload] Uploaded files processing in processes?
Forge component by Stuart Harris

Hey there,

is it possible to process uploaded files in automatically launched processes? I've prepared a demo app, where I use auto upload block, which retrieves me a token string. This token string gets automatically saved in database, where on data creation is a process launched, which retrieves the files using the string and processes them. The trouble is, that in the demo it doesn't work, the process can't retrieve the file using the token string. For comparison, in the demo is the same processing using a button and a server action, which works just fine.

Where is the issue? Can be files processed in processes? To goal is to let user leave a page, once the upload is done, because the files processing can take a lot of time in my real case, but simply leaving a page while the page waits for a server action to get finished, isn't exactly the way to go.

Edit: Fixed attached .oml file, removed and fixed dependencies



Hi Adam,

Thank you for an awesome explanation of your problem.

The issue could be the retrieval of files is limiting the lookup by the active user id, so would not be able to find the files when run by a background process.

The intention is to provide a defense in depth approach to limit a user's ability to access another user's uploaded files.  However, in your scenario this does not help.

To check this, you could try modifying the query in the component's action FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFile() to remove the UserId filter.

If this is indeed the problem, a change to the component could be allowing you to specify an IgnoreCurrentUser flag on FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFiles() for this scenario.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Hi Stuart,

I've modified the FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFile server action and removed the user id constraint. Now files get processed in processes correctly. Thank you for your fast feedback!

In my humble opinion I would consider making the user id constraint optional (perhaps enabled by default and perhaps not neccessairly optional per app, but per upload widget), there are certainly applications, where the files security is essential, but there are apps, where the files security doesn't matter (f.e. in case where multiple users access the same application data). Of course it would be a minor improvement which due to development priorities may not be worth implementing.

Thanks again and have a great day!

Best regards, Adam Husník

Thanks Adam, you're welcome, and thats probably the nicest feature request ever!  I will definitely add it to the next release.

All the best,


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