IE9 - Internet Explorer 9 and the Agile Platform

Hi everyone
Microsoft has recently launched Internet Explorer 9. This new web browser has numerous changes in its rendering engine, meaning that not all web pages will look the same or behave as well with this new version. This is true for every new web browser version and becomes more relevant since Internet Explorer is still one of the major web browsers in use these days.
This release of IE9 directly affects the applications generated by the Agile Platform. OutSystems is currently working on certifying all supported versions of the Agile Platform (4.2, 5.0 and 5.1) to work properly with IE9. This is still an ongoing work, and we will keep you updated on its status. Some of the misbehavior patterns that we found in IE9 have already been fixed in recent revision patches, so there is a good chance that most things will work properly in IE9, even without it being properly certified.
However, it is possible that some things are not fine-tuned. To overcome this problem, OutSystems has fixed this by forcing IE8 compatibility mode in all applications. This is done by means of meta tag:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

 which is being added to all screens generated by the Agile Platform. At the time this setting is not configurable (it will apply to all requests). This fix is available in revisions:
  • and above
  • and above
  • (if you require this fix for 4.2, please contact

We will update this post whenever there are relevant news.
If you have any questions feel free to place them here, or send them to
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Acácio Porta Nova, Jr.
Product Support, OutSystems
Hi Acacio, 

I'm having some issues with especially richwidgets (popup-editors not opening as popup but as a new page, and as a result the popupeditor_close() not working)

I'm on version but do'nt see the meta tag when looking at the webpage-sources (and thus the application is not working properly)

Any advice/tips?

Hi Hans,

In fact there is no metatag on, that version already has all the know problems with IE9 fixed.
Make sure you already published the eSpaces after instaling the Platform Server and Enterprise Manager 5.1.13

If the problem continues, try using the IE9 Developer tools (F12), on the tab Script click "Start Debugging" and check if there are any javacript errors while navigating on the page.

João Rosado
Hi everyone

I would like to update this post with the indication that OutSystems now officially supports IE9 in all major versions. Support for IE9 is available starting with the following revisions of each Agile Platform version:
  • 4.2:
  • 5.0:
  • 5.1:
  • 6.0: all revisions.
Note that some of the IE9 fixes require updating RichWidgets in addition to patcing the Agile Platform Server. The following revisions of Enterprise Manager component (where RichWidgets is officially distributed) apply:
  • 4.2: EnterpriseManager 4.2.20
  • 5.0: EnterpriseManager 5.0.13
  • 5.1: EnterpriseManager 5.1.13
  • 6.0: EnterpriseManager all revisions
Also, if you are using Embedded Change Technology (ECT) you will also need to patch it to be compatible with IE9. The following revisions apply:
  • 4.2: ECT 4.2.15
  • 5.0: ECT 5.0.12
  • 5.1: ECT 5.1.9
  • 6.0: all revisions
With best regards,
Just a small note. In 6.0, RichWidgets is not bundled with EnterpriseManger any more. It is bundled in the Platform Server installation in the SystemComponents solution. ECT is also included in the same solution.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
I've updated everything but in IE9, the popups go to the right corner or open with freak size...what should I do?