[Ultimate PDF] Check box visible during pdf
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Hi all,

I am using Ultimate PDF converter , in that I want check box selected in generated pdf .

As of now when I am selecting check box the selection is not visible in pdf .

Anyone has any idea about this would be appreciated.


Hi Pooja,

Please take a look at the following post, it should help you understand the problem better and the way to fix it:


The key takeaway is that the Ultimate PDF basically "navigates again" to the screen that you are turning into a PDF, so it will show only the "Default" data unless you use the Screen's input parameters to correctly update the UI elements. In this case, you can use an input parameter called "ShowCheck" (type Boolean) in the screen you want to render, and pass a value for it via the PrintToPDF actions like this:

"https://myenvironmenturl.com/MyApp/MyScreen?ShowCheck=" + ShowCheck

I did a quick test in Reactive and it seems to work fine. Hope it helps!

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