iOS app generation fails


I am trying to generate iOS app. This is all what is given in the logs. How can i troubleshoot error ?

[2021-08-30T13:45:28.883Z] [INFO] [Validation] [Plugins] Validating plugins for the given build request

[2021-08-30T13:45:29.046Z] [INFO] [Validation] [Plugins] Obtaining plugin versions

[2021-08-30T13:45:29.046Z] [INFO] [Validation] [Plugins] Applying plugin validations

[2021-08-30T13:45:29.047Z] [INFO] [Validation] [Plugins] Are plugins valid? true

[2021-08-30T13:45:28.882Z] [INFO] [Validation] [ApplicationPreferences] Validating build structure for the given build request

[2021-08-30T13:45:28.883Z] [INFO] [Validation] [ApplicationPreferences] Obtaining application preferences

[2021-08-30T13:45:28.883Z] [INFO] [Validation] [ApplicationPreferences] Are preferences valid? true

[2021-08-30T13:45:29.033Z] [INFO] [Validation] [Resources] Are prebundle resources valid? true

[2021-08-30T13:45:28.872Z] [INFO] [Validation] [AppShield] Validating AppShield for the given build request

[2021-08-30T13:45:28.877Z] [INFO] [Validation] [AppShield] Obtaining application preferences

[2021-08-30T13:45:28.877Z] [INFO] [Validation] [AppShield] Verifying if the AppShield plugin is available in the build request

[2021-08-30T13:45:28.877Z] [INFO] [Validation] [AppShield] AppShield plugin is available? false

i would appreciate your prompt support as our security compliance team allows internet access for a very limited period, i have 3 hours remaining only otherwise it will take long time to raise get approval, workflow,...etc 



Hello there Maitha,

Hope you're doing well.

Can you check what is the error in the Mobile App Logs?

Are you trying to add OutSystems AppShield Plugin to your app? If so, do you have a valid license to activate AppShield?

Which MABS version are you using?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Rui,

I've been trying with latest MABS versions and now trying with older versions. Please find attached screen shot for Mobile Apps Log screen.

Regarding AppShield component it was not even installed in our environment. I installed just now and tried again hoping that this will resolve the error but now it is giving me another error related to AppShield licensing (log 14) so i removed it back because we don't use this component and i checked with our Outsystems platform admin no body is using it. 

[ERROR] [Validation] [AppShield] It looks like OutSystems AppShield is not accessible with your current license. Please contact the OutSystems Support team to upgrade your license.

so now i removed it, now i am getting same error again, in the first thread




Hello Maitha,

Thank you for sharing that information.

My suggestion is that you keep using the latest MABS version.

About App Shield Plugin, that's very awkward. But if you don't use it and nobody else is using it, then yes, you may delete it from the environment. I thought you were using it because of the information provided above. And it could be something related with the licensing because you need a license to use that plugin.

Besides that INFO messages, do you see any errors in the logs?

According to your Mobile App Logs, it seems that you managed to generate it successfully for Android but you're having an error for iOS:

"Error: Something happened on our side. Please try again."

Are you only using Firebase Plugin or other plugins as well?

We can keep investigating this issue, but meanwhile I'd suggest that you create an OutSystems Support Case. Unfortunately, the error message is not clear and it seems to be something related with the OS iOS Build Service.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


thanks for your reply. 

Yes i am using Firebase Mobile and Firebase Middleware components for Mobile Push Notifications features. 

Note that i tried in my Outsystems personal cloud environment, and it is giving same logs (attached). And i never used or installed AppSheild there as well. So it means it is not related to our environment.

Android works perfectly in both Enterprise on-premise and personal cloud environments. I already raised support ticket and i am referencing this link in the ticket.



Hello again Maitha,

Thank your for letting me know.

Let's wait for OutSystems to provide some information regarding this matter.

Please let me know afterwards :)

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