Help needed - I can't find module in ServiceCenter / SEO friendly URLs

Hi guys,

I'm trying to follow the documentation to configure SEO friendly URLs for our Reactive Web App:

However I can't manage to find our module in the list available in Service Center.

I can find other apps we developed but not the one I'm currently working on.

This module is just not available in the list...

Do you know what might be causing this? Did I miss something obvious?

Thank you :)

Hi guys,

I found the solution... I forgot to activate the correct technical preview feature / environment features from LifeTime on this environment.

I could see other modules but they were all from Traditional Web Apps, since you have to activate this to be able to work on Reactive Web Apps.

Once more the problem was located between the chair and the keyboard XD

Hope it will help someone ;)


Hello there Maxime,

Hope you're doing well.

You're probably seeing only Traditional Web modules in the list.

Are you working in a cloud infrastructure? Or is it on-premises?

Did you take a look at the prerequisites in order to use SEO Friendly URLs in a RWA?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Rui,

You are right, I see you answer just now. I wish I realized this before...

Thank you


Sure thing. We basically answered at the same time :)

Glad you managed to make it work.

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