Deploy action is disabled in library module

Deploy action is disabled in resources folder of data tab and it is non editable in library module.

Is that a feature or else?



Check your user access level on lifetime.



Deploy action specifies the action to be executed when the module is deployed. This will indicates where, in the Platform Server, the resource is stored when the module that added the extension is published. 

Deploy action is disables in your case means, you cannot deploy the resource to specific location.

Refer below..

Thanks, Aadhavan S

In the documentation about Libraries, there's a note that says:

I wish this wasn't the case, because a Library module would be the obvious choice for a custom Theme, but if I want to include custom fonts in my theme then I would need to upload the font files to Resources and set the Deploy Action to "Deploy to Target Directory". As it is, I need to create a Reactive Web module, instead of a Library module.

I agree.

Its a feature, but its a feature i don't really understand.

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