Initial values of my diagram do not change after loading the page
Service Studio Version
11.10.13 (Build 39571)

Hello all, 

I have used a slider to control the values of my chart. When the page loads, I don't get the correct values displayed for the chart. Only after I change the slider do I see the correct values. However, I want the values to be changed correctly when the page loads. My assumption is that the values of the table have to be initialised, as no change takes place before the slider is regulated and therefore the initial value is zero, but I have not quite understood where exactly this has to happen. 


The first Pic is before I change the slider and the second one is after I changed it. The last pic is for increasing and decreasing the line chart based on the slider value. 

Thanks a lot in advance. 

Hi Nader,

If the default value you want for CurrentSelection is a fixed value like 0 (i.e. not coming from DB), you can assign it in the OnInitialize event of the screen.

Also, I didn't get why you refresh GetSheet1s twice in the client action, that might be unnecessary.

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