How do I stop my personal environment from being permanently deleted?
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Every so often, if I don't use my personal environment, I'll get an email telling me to wake it up or it'll be permanently deleted. I assume this means that all of the work I've ever done on it will be gone forever, but I obviously don't want that even if I'm not currently working on any of it. Is there any way to make this stop and keep it up forever? I don't want to have to keep waking up my environment every so often because I'm worried I'll forget one time and lose everything.

Hey there, there is no way of that happening.


- This allows saving resources for other developers. 

If I tomorrow stop working with OutSystems, this will assure to delete my personal environment account without any supervision and no hard feelings. And also, It will free up resources for other developers.'s_an_OutSystems_personal_environment%3F

I recommend you to read about:

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Hi Joseph,

In addition to the information Márcio shared and to address your concern of losing all of your work if your PE gets recycled: the answer is you won't. 

At least, all of your applications will be saved for you, but the data will be lost.



What is the difference between the applications and the data? What exactly will be saved and what will be lost?

The applications are the applications themselves, either backend logic and frontend that you have built. And data is from the data of your database, that you will lose.

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Following Márcio's answer:

  • Application is the code;
  • Data is the information stored in the database.

Let's say that you have a very simple To Do App, where you can store your To Do List for the current month. The application is the code, the data is the information that you stored in the database using the app. Every time you add a new thing to do in the list, that information will be stored in the database. You'll lose this information.

Basically, the code will be saved. The information stored in the database will be lost.

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Rui Barradas

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