How to notify Outsystems when data has changed in external database.
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Hi All,

I need to be notified when the source data is changed in the external database. Is there any way to achieve this in Outsystems? Thank you for your time.

Hello @Nannu 

I have not had to implement such a system but Akshay has some suggestions in this post that may interest you.



Hi AJ,

I am not sure how can I approach this. Unfortunately, I am not a C# expert. Thanks


Why don't you expose an API to the external platform; so that they take care of notifying you via the API & you go for a Sync/Data-Refresh.

Because in general, only OS entities provide features to trigger the process when a record gets inserted.

Even if the external side achieve the change & trigger; it has to be an API to inform your system i.e OS app.

- Assif

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