[FullCalendar Reactive] How can I add scrollbars  in timeline View after creating a custom-duration?
Forge component by André Cabral
Application Type


So after I set the AdvanceOptions like:

"header: {
    left: '',
    center: 'title',
    right: ''
aspectRatio: 2,
defaultView: 'resourceTimelineFiveMonth',
views: {
      resourceTimelineFiveMonth: {
        type: 'resourceTimeline',
        duration: { months: 5 }

I'm unable to scroll my resources to see the following months.

Is there any way to customize further this component to behave like that?

I tried with some of the customization's of the Demo provided with no luck. I'm currently looking in the documentation for some guidance maybe I'll find it there. If you know/have some suggestions to help me feel free to do it so.

Kind Regards,
Luis Martins

The problem seemed to be opening the app in the browser. It's working fine in mobile and while emulating using chrome (debug).

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