[Data Grid Sample Reactive] Setting up default view in datagrid reactive
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i am using the Datagrid reactive component in out application.

we are saving the grid view states.

is there any way to set up the default view or reset to original view .
i am using "Get/SetViewLayout". But is there any method to set defaultViewLayout.
Srinivas Nalamati

GM Srinivas N ,

I am not able to find like set default view in the component. But you can do one more thing.

but I worked to get this one.


plz check the attached oml.


Hi Amit,

i am not able to see the oml file here.


Sorry, I was unable to upload it.

You can follow the steps.

1.  on page render you have to call a method with javascript with a timeout.

Java script code 



}, 2000);

2. on that Savedefultview action, save the current view in the local parameter.

3. Now on load default button action, assign the local variable to set view action

Hi Amit,

Thanks for your reply.

i will follow these steps and let you know.


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