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I am facing formatting issue while adding a table in the bookmark place. Is there any option provided to merge rows and to align the cell content (Vertical and Horizontal)..

The below merging is expected

Hi Sathya, 

Thank you for your message.

The component only creates basic tables. It can merge horizontally, but not vertically.

The Colspan attribute of the MSWordTableCell structure specifies the horizontal merge.  There is no similar attribute for vertical merge.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Harris,

Thank you for the opinion. Can you pls give your input for the below items

1) Not able to align the text to center of the cell.. 



2) Getting text as arial while appending a row in the existing table (table already there in the word template, and I am trying to append rows dynamically).. I did set whole template font as times new roman but that is not considered.

Hi Sathya,

Thank you again for another clearly explained question.

Firstly I recommend you read through the detailed documentation for the component. It documents all functionality, if it is not mentioned there, the component does not support it.

Here is the link to documentation MSWordUtils - Documentation | OutSystems

Unfortunately, there is no attribute on table cell formatting to control the alignment of cell content.

MSWord text styles in tables are notoriously complicated.  Most likely the font is due to the table style rather than the font for the document.

I would suggest trying the setting the font and font size in the table cell structure when inserting data.

I hope this helps!

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