[CKEditor] In CKEditor, numbered list is not working. If I press enter key, numbering is lost.
Forge component by Matthias Preuter


I have recently updated the CKEditor reactive component.

Since, then it is behaving wierdly.

Like I have enabled numbered list by clicking on the icon in ckeditor. I am entering the content for point number1. Now i am clicking on enter for point number2. But the list is lost. I am being presented with new line without list number. I have to again click on the icon in editor.

Similarly, ctrl+B shorcut is getting effect slower on the text. If am in middle of typing a paragraph. Now i want the upcoming word to be on bold. So I have preseed ctrl+B and started tying the word. Bold is applied only after second or third letter of the word being typed.

Same for ctrl+I and ctrl+U

It is happening irrespective of custom config being applying or not.

Is there anyway to resolve?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Ragavi Arumugam,

You have tagged the Traditional web version of CKEditor in your post. 

Please tag the correct component you are using just in case someone wants to reproduce the issue. 



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