How to send an email when you tick checkbox?
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Hi guys,

I'm developing an app where when i'm creating an user I have to select a checkbox (boolean attribute on an user table) that when the value is true I want to send an email to that user with a newsletter.

Can you advise on the best way to do it?

Thank you,


Hi Tomás,

in the checkbox, assign a client action to the On Change event:

Inside the client action use an IF to check if the checkbox is ticked. If Yes use an email action:


Hello @Tomás Sofia 

The link José shared has everything you need, but just in case you miss the part about enabling the 'Technical Preview for Emails in Mobile and Reactive apps' option. You have to enable this option in LifeTime to see the 'Send Email' widget in your Server Action. Here's how:

1. Under 'Environments' click on the specific Environment(s) then Options -> Technical Preview:

2. Enable the 'Built-in emails for Mobile and Reactive web apps' feature:

3. Restart Service Studio and you will see the 'Send Email' widget available in your Server Action




And for the icing on the cake...

OutSystems has just released these brand new Email Templates for Reactive Web and Mobile Apps.

It is however required to be on Platform Server version 11.13.0 and to have the Technical Preview email feature enabled in Lifetime (as described by AJ in the above post).



Nice! thanks for the update @Nordin Ahdi

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