Dynamic fetch of records in rest API

hi mates, 

A quick question have any one used the REST API as below: 

GET /api/troubleTicket/42/?fields=description,status

how to retrieve and send the response based on the request url. In this case i need to fetch and send only the details of description and status from a table and not all the fields.

Can I also know how to read the incoming REST API url in outsystem. 

I am planning to do send a dynamic request in the url and depending on it query the data and send the response.

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Hi @sarvanan Sukumaran, 

The below links help in solving your problem. 



To send some dynamic field in URL ,your URL will look like below

GET /api/troubleTicket/42/?description=''&status=''

here after question mark(?) you may send PARAM values. And that declared PARAM will be input PARAM for your api.

If these are input for your API then while consuming it will look ?description=''&status=''

Hope this will help you.

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