OutSystems failing to connect to a database
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.11.14 (Build 48586)


The attached Database Connection page shows the details of the external database to which I need to connect and the error message that comes up when I click on "Test Connection".

I have tested this connection with other software, which makes a successful connection. I know that the information and credentials are correct.  

Can anyone help identify the reason for the failure of OutSystems to connect?

Thank you.



Hi Leon,

If you are trying to connect private database server, try to give a valid server name. 

It seems you are trying to connect to the local database. 

Your personal environment will connect to the cloud environment. OutSystems service studio will work in your local machine with the connection established with your cloud environment.

If you want to connect to an external database to your OS cloud application, refer to the success page.


Thanks, Aadhavan S


The server name is "sql29.cpt1.host-n.net"  This translates into the IP address that I have used in the connection.  I have tried connecting with both the IP address of the server and the server name, without success.  

This is a hosted site and not a local database.

I have referred to the documentation you are suggesting many times.  I cannot get past task 1 of the 4 tasks that are listed.




Hi Leon,

You have a typo in the hostname of the mySQL server. It should be sql29.cpt1.host-h.net.

Try and see if that works.



Hi Leon,

As mentioned above, there may be a typo error. Can you try with server "sql29.cpt1.host-h.net".

Thanks for your responses.

That typo only came up in my post.  I used the correct IP address and even when I changed it to the server name, it still would not connect.

Should we not be looking at the error message, "No available server found" ?



Can anyone assist with this problem of connecting to my external database.  Does OutSystem only connect to the mainstream hosting companies?

To me it seems that the problems lies with the way OutSystems generates the connection string.



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