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Service Studio Version
11.50.12 (Build 48652)

Right click is not working in the Service Studio for Mac.

I am not able to add any Input variable to the Screen using Command+Click or Control+ Click on a Mac Book Pro Laptop.


Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for reporting it.
As a workaround, you can still access the context menu options using the Two-Finger tap in the MacBook trackpad.


Thanks "Double-Finger" tap in the Mac Book trackpad worked for me in Logic and Interface Tabs.

I spent numerous hours doing Option + Single-Finger click OR Control +Single-Finger click on MacBook Trackpad without any results. That is standard Keyboard shortcuts with other apps for Context Menu.

Thanks for reply.

Hi Rajesh,

Can you please give me more information regarding this issue, since we're unable to replicate your problem.

From our understanding, you're trying to add a widget of type Input on to a screen using the Right Click or Control+Click on the UI Editor.

Upon doing this, you should see a popup indicating Insert Widget, and from there be able to choose the Input type widget. The gif below demonstrates these actions.

If this is not what you're trying to do, could you please make a recording of your workspace so we can understand what you need so we can better assist you.

Best regards,

Issue is in the Interface and Logic Tab. I am not able to add "Input Parameter" to a "Screen" using (ScrollPad + Option Key) on a Mac Book Pro.

See the attached gif image.

"Double-Finger" tap in the Mac Book trackpad worked for me in Logic and Interface Tabs on Right Hand side Area for Contextual Menu - as suggested in one of the replies.


Thanks for your reply and clarification.

We have indeed identified that issue occurs and is on our backlog to be addressed. For now, the best suggestion is to use the workaround that @Bruno Cunha e Silva mentioned.

Thank you,


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