How to use the  json code we got  and use in outsystem?

I need to make a web app where in I have been provided with a json code which i need to use in outsystem .Being a beginner on this not able to get the procedure on how it is done and and show all related content in the screen which is available in the json code.

Hi Shruti, 

We have OutSystems provided courses. Refer below course link and you can directly navigate to the handling JSON data on the same tutorial.


For consuming REST API with basic authentication and JSON Data.. you can refer below article\,


Common REST API Integration (Consume and Expose) you can refer to this post.

Hope this will helps you.

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Hello, the video refers to use JSONData dependency but that dependency does not appear in the list. Can you guide how to solve this? Thanks.

Hi Shruti,

check the following video to understand how JSON data is handled in OutSystems:



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