Dropdown search list not updating

I loaded the drop down search with a list from Entity at screen start. Then when I try to update the list it does not update.

Any suggestions?

Parameter changed event is raised and this is when the existing list is cleared and new list items are added.

Hi Mukul,

how do you update the list? It is an entity, you have to create a new record.

Send oml if possible.


I will try to create a test/sample application. The drop down search is in a web block and the input parameter of the web block is a list. This input parameter is binded/linked/attached to the drop down search widget.

Hi @Mukul Varshney,

A per mentioned in this post I have created on sample application attached here. Please check and let me know am I build right one or any other you required. 

If this example was incorrect then please provide .oml file so we will get to know exact issue.

You can also check implementation thro' this link:


Kind Regards,

Narendra Bhangale.


Did you refresh the block after inserting the new record?

Without oml I can only guess what the problem could be.

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