Assign variable to expressions within the table
Service Studio Version
11.10.13 (Build 39571)


I'm trying to add variables to my expressions of my table cells. Right now (see screenshot below) the expressions are too long and I need those expressions to reuse them in other cells for further calculation. Is there a way to assign them to variables? Thanks a lot in advance. :)



Hi Nader,

I think calculated attributes in aggregates are just what you are looking for.



Alternatively to what Ozan states you could consider to create a function.

To reuse an expression you could create an action (call it EBITBerechnet) with IsFunction property set to true and as Input parameter name it Sheet1. Create also an output parameter and set its value using an assign widget to the formula:

Sheet1.Verkaufserloes - (Sheet1.MAT + Sheet.VA)

Now in you screen shot you can use and set it with EBITBerechnet(GetSheet1s.List.Current.Sheet1) 

For your example I would stick to the solution that Ozan provides.



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