Outsystems need to improve


I know on this post many developers will blame me but I am just posting my experience with Outsystems. 

Outsystems is a great platform, it is low code. But it is not at all widget Friendly.  

Some developer created some component, we need to find it using Forge [Without any trust and at that time you don't have any options as well] and use it. And during that you realize it is more complex to implement. I really do struggle to implement small small I things. Like, currently I am working MultiSelectCheckBox but I don't understand why I am not able to find whether the value is selected not not. Again this is Forge Component.

I really have frustration due to this. Not just this but there are really many other things as well.  Yes, I have .NET background and accordingly I think and I try to implement but if certain things are not available then after doing so much try I post it of forum due to lack of Widget documentation. 

So my view is like Microsoft's MSDN Outsystems also provide documentation with examples and videos. Yes, I know this is already available. But it has lack of examples. 

Outsystems has to provide number of widgets which are created in Forge with Example. In .NET this is available. NUGET we used for extension likewise Forge to be used. Not as a dependency. :-(

I am working on a project and I am really struggling. And such struggle I never felt in my any previous .NET projects. 

In .NET [Server Side and Client Side] all components Microsoft Provided us , otherwise we can use jQuery plugins, But we never depend on some users component which are  non documented.

This is my view and I am not saying you should agree on this.


Hi Nathan,

I'm sorry to hear you have such a bad experience with the Forge. What OutSysems provides is Outsystems UI. Most Forge components are not created by OutSystems, although currently there's a evaluation of components being done, and those marked as "trusted" are supposed to have quality documentation.

Also remember that OutSystems is a relatively small company, and comparing it to Microsoft is a tad bit unfair. Nevertheless, you are right that OutSystems UI may need a larger set of widgets, so that we need to rely less on Forge components.

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