Assign Session Variable at Login

Assign Session Variable at Login

Where do I assign a session variable at login? I tried doing it in the standard login page, but that did not seem to work. Is it done in the Enterprise Manager espace?

Hi Mark,

I would assume that you can set a session variable at any time, unless I'm missing something. Can't you assign it directly in an action, using an assign node?

Exactly what session variable are you referring to?


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

The first page that loads after login is a table with search capabilities. The user can search in a specific location by specifying the location, IE: Michigan.
So I wanted to assign their location from the User Master to the location search when the page loads. But if they changed the session variable to a different location, when the page refreshed, it would still have their newly entered location for that session. Next time they login, it would default back to their Master Location.

Does that make sense?
I just assigned it in the preparation for the search page and I think that will work fine. The only time it gets reset back to default is if the user links off the page and comes back. I guess the other option may be to create a page that loads when someone logs in, assign the value, and then and immediately redirects to the main page.