I want to give  "Save to Disk" option as "No" in reactive application.
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I want to give  "Save to Disk" option as "No" for download  in reactive application. i could see only two fields for download one is "File Content" and other one is "FileName". I don't want auto download, is there any options or workaround  for this?

Hi @maya rajan 

As explained by Tiago here, it is not yet possible in Reactive applications using the download widget. 

Is this a PDF file? If so you could check out a few pdf viewers built for Reactive applications in the Forge. For e.g.: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7529/pdfjs-viewer-reactive

For your particular use case you could also search for other components in the forge as well - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/list?q=pdf%20viewer&t=reactive&o=most-popular&tr=False&oss=False&c=%20&a=&v=&hd=False&tn=&scat=forge



Hi @maya rajan,

Using Download action the file will be Saved to disk , not to save file with download can be replaced by pdf viewer as suggested by @AJ .  You can bind the binary content with the PDF viewer that will only show the content will not save it, also you can refer below OML for example.


Hi Deepa,

Thanks for replying. My file type is xml. 

Hi AJ,

Thanks for your reply. No its not pdf. my file type is xml. where I'm sending the xml file as an output for a service.

hi @maya rajan ,

Saw a below discussion on near by same concern hope this help:-

Viewing files in browser

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