Removing the quotes after extracting from csv

Removing the quotes after extracting from csv

Hello everybody,
When drawing a line from a CSV file, eg: "001", "description", "100.56". Fields draw the line with the String_Split then the list is presented this way:
String_Split.List [0]. Text.Value = "001"
String_Split.List [1]. Text.Value = "description"
String_Split.List [2]. Text.Value = "100.56"
The extracted values ??are recorded in the database, the problem is there. Quotation marks are not removed.
Removing these quotes?
Thank you in advance for your attention.
Hi Saulo

You can simply use Replace:
Replace Function

Replace(source, value_to_find, value_to_replace)

In OutSystems, to escape a double-quote, you write two. So, for example, if you want to assign a text variable the value this "is" a test the string is written like this:

"this ""is"" a test"

So to replace all occurrences of double-quotes with nothing, simply write:

Replace(source_string, """", "")  (the 2nd parameter is 4 double-quotes; the third parameter is 2 double-quotes).