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Hi, community

Can you just check what's wrong with this oml I am attaching.

It does not send Email


Hi Sarah,

There is a conflict as shown below. Please check if it works when you set statusid to EmailForm..Email.statusId



thanks for your quick answer but its not working still


Hi @Sarah Javed Khan 

1. Change the save action in this way, If you get the email from preparation it won't work as you will have Empty emails values. Filter using the ID returned from the "CreateOrUpdateEmail"  action.

2. Please change the TO parameter with "ToEmailAdress.Email" and try.

3. Configure the Email in Service center( 

Compare your oml with the OML attached 


Vignesh Prakash.




Hi @Sarah Javed Khan,

Please Compare your code with the OML I shared and let me know if you still face any issues.

I compared the oml it worked .But issue with smtp server.

look at the the screenshot


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