Outsystems and Opera Unite

Outsystems and Opera Unite

I'd like to know if it's possible to configure Opera Unite so that we can run our Outsystem project directly in the Web. Instead of deploying in a cloud host, I'd like to make my home PC a web server for this effect.
Hi Nuno,

not beeing 100% sure about it, from what i read about it, i think Opera Unite doesn't support server side scripting technologies such as PHP, ASP, ASP .NET, Rail, etc.

But since it is a new technology, we have to wait and see how it grows! maybe in a near future it will be possible.

Miguel Antunes
Hi Nuno,

You dont have to deploy to a cloud host. It's possible to use your machine as a web server, but our required web server is IIS (and SQL Server database).
To download the installer with the platform server go to http://www.outsystems.com/download/ and click on "Get your server download." on the bottom of the page.
Check the Agile Platform 5.1 - Systems Requirements document for more details.

João Rosado