On logging out of application not able to select(highlight) the username and password
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When i am trying to logout of the application i am not able to select username or password . But on Refresh i am able to select them , highlight them . This is in Reactive application .  Can someone help me to sort this out .

Thanks in advance

Hi Ummul,

I haven't faced this behavior before. Can you share more details, or maybe the oml of your app?

I suspect that autofill function of your browser is causing that. Normally you should be able to select/highlight/copy username in the Login screen. Password cannot be copied, though.

I have attached the OML .Even i have made the auto-fill in browser also off still this problem occurs where i am not able to select or change the username


Hi Ummul,

This is interesting as it's not happening to me.

When I inspected the styling of the username textbox, I saw that OutSystems applies the user-select: auto; styling to it. This might be causing it to prevent any user selection.

Can you try to change it by applying another styling like this: 

If it works, it might be good idea to move the styling to a new CSS class and put the class in the Theme for reusability.

Hi Ozan, Thanks for the reply.. I am also facing the same issue and the issue persists with the homepage only.. 

However, we are using the user info web block to fetch username with Logout and Login Icons for all the screens. but when we logout from the homepage, we are not able to blink the cursor into the input field on the login page. 

Let us know if anyone facing the same issue or anyone found the solution.

Thanks in advance

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