go to x record on mobile list item

Assume i got a list of 100 records sorted by eventdate.

normally the list opens always on the first record.

Assume i want to go to the record that is closed to the current date assume record 40.

=> i want to open the mobile screen and go automatically to the N record. 

What is the best / easiest way to achieve this.


You solve that by using an Aggregate that will return that as first record. You can add a calculated column that's the absolute difference in days between the current date and the date in the database, and sort on that (ascending). The first record will be the one with the least days between today and what's in the database.

I know what you want to say but i want to keep my complete list.

So the list is still 100 records long (because 100 in database) but when opening it it goes automatically to record 40

that's more user friendly because users don't have to scroll to the current date, but they can go still to the past


Well, you could do all sorts of things, like direct indexing of the list, or using a ListFilter to get the right one.

Hi Didier,

you could look at doing a ScrollIntoView in javascript ?



I do not have much experience with javascript in outsystems. I see the use of anchors and then scroll to them with java script. I see some examples here on the forge but not exactly what my case is

In the anchor the id of the record is stored where i want to scroll to.

Does someone have an example?


Thanks for this case. I also have the same solution!

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