Hi Team,

Can you explain me how I can export data from one table to another, using checkboxs, like example. Thank You!
I'm sorry, I can't seem to understand what you mean with the picture you've shown (and I would imagine I'm not the only one).

However, what you should do to "transfer" data from one tabe to another is relatively simple: you need to create the rows on the destination entity based on the data you wish to transfer.

Imagining you want to transfer the selected row from DATA entity (in your picture) to create a new entry in Data2, you need to have a way to identify the row you want to transfer (having the ID on the destination variable of the radio buttons is a good idea), select it (with a simple query parametrized by that ID and filtering by it), put the relevant data on a temporary variable whose type is the record defining the Data2 Entity (using an assign node), use the CreateData2 Entity Action to create a row with that temporary variable as parameter, and then optionally delete the row from the DATA Entity (using DeleteDATA Entity Action with the ID as argument).

Does this put you in the right track?
Do you mean to use radiobuttons or checkboxes ?