ShowGoToPage Pagination widget input displaying incorrect page number

Hi all,

Just wondering if I'm using this correctly or not. I'm using the pagination widget on my mobile app, there's a ShowGoToPage boolean that will let you go directly to the page... The page number you input should remain even when the list refreshes right? Even when you uses the back/forward a page key the page number is incorrect.

I've turned it on and the input for page number displays, however when I input a page number other than 1 when the table refreshes and the correct page is loaded however the input value changes back to 1. 

Before clicking enter I have inputted page 6

After clicking enter, the input returns to 1

Hello @Janet D 

Did you customize the pagination widget or create it by using screen scaffolding or by dragging the entity onto the screen?

If you have created the pagination widget and set its properties on your own then you could create a new screen and drag the entity on to the screen and let the scaffolding create the pagination widget for you. Then you could use it to compare all the properties and logic to troubleshoot the issue on your end.

Alternatively, please share screenshots of:

1. the pagination widget properties for e.g. as shown below:

2. the logic inside 'OnPaginationNavigate'



Hi @AJ. I created the screen using scaffolding but the same happens when I create it manual. 

Here's 1:

Here's 2:



Thank you Janet,

The 'ClearSelection' seems suspect to me because I don't get it by scaffolding. Could you try it out by removing it?

This is how 'OnPaginationNavigate' looks on my end:

Hey @AJ. 

I removed the 'ClearSelection' and the behavior persists. The scaffolding I used was adding a new screen using the Bulk Actions screen template. Can you try creating a screen using the Bulk Actions screen template and publishing the module with pagination field, GoToPage = True. 



I downloaded the 'Bulk Actions with Filters' screen template and it is working well for me with the 'ShowGoToPage' enabled. 

Which version of OutSystems UI are you on? I am on 2.6.12.

I'm using version 2.6.7, I'll update and see if the problem persists. Thanks

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