I want to search the list of record by using date picker
Application Type
Traditional Web

I want to search table record by select [from date] and [To date]


1.select [from date] and [to date]

2.click the search button


1.when I select  date and search, the set value will disappear from the filter area

2.If there are multiple records on the table after filter ,but click on the page navigation button filtered record will be reset



HI  @DHA Amr ,

1st issue - The filters are resetting because you are refreshing refreshing the entire container including filter components as well. You should refresh only Persontable.

2nd issue - I am not able to reproduce. I tried to give searchinput, fromdate and enddate , clicked search button. It rerturned me multiple records and i am able to navigate through pages without any issue.

Please elaborate 2nd issue in detail. Good luck :)



Hi @Vani Mankad 

Thank you very much for the reply

It is so helpful


Hi @DHA Amr ,

I have attached the your oml with minor changes. Please have a look and let me know if it helps.

I have made below changes only.


Manish Jawla


Hi @Manish Jawla 

Thank you very much for the reply

It is so helpful

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