reading one entity into another and allowing user selection through checkbox

I would like to:
  1. Read records from a table
  2. display the records on the screen
  3. allow user to page through all the records and use the checkbox to select and deselect
  4. after users is done selecting, hit submit button, which
  5. Takes the users slections and read them into a different entity with the same attributes.

What I tried to do is create a screen action that does:
  1. A query from entity1 using an input paramter, say var1
  2. then I assign the value of the input paraamter var1 to another user defined variable Var2 with record data type
  3. I then take Var2 and use the createupdate entity action to write the record to enity2
  4. display the user choices on another screen, say screen 2 with a list records widget, and then terminate the screen action
I keep getting warnings when I try to assign the VAR2 value of the query as a source record identifier (i.e., I want the whole record from the entity)  which would be writte to entity 2.

Bottom Line: I want to read one entity, allow users to see and select various records from the entity, and then write those records to a new entity already created. Can someone tell me if this is possible or what I am doing wrong based on the above. Thanks

why duplicate entities, I am wondering?

why not go for a couple-table. just keep entity_A and have a different entity_B
which has an Id, a Unique Set_Attribute  and a ForeignKey to entity_A
If I read your post properly, that implementation would establish a permant relationship between the two entities (i.e., Tables). The relationship I want to create will be dynamic, put up and torn down by different processes.

I want to manage a subset of entity A as Entity B and Dynamically manage the records in the entity B based on various processes and conditions for efficiency of data handling. Once the data transfer is complete in any particular instance the connection to the table will no longer be needed. Not sure if what you suggest will work.

Having said that, could you expand in outsystems speak on your post. Thanks
Sorry, I am very confused what you are trying to achieve now.

How many records we are talking about?
Is it for threading?

Not sure what you mean with "permanent" vs. "dynamic" in your case?
If you create an associative table you can delete/create the associatives instantly, without actually copying the "real" entity.